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Essex Street Cheese Co.

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Essex Street Cheese Co. is the sole importer of l’Amuse cheese in the USA. They feature our Signature Gouda and offer a range of Dutch farmhouse cheeses, including Wilde Weide, Remeker, Nylander and Winkel.

Here is a list of shops and online sources in America. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to email Leah Lewis at Essex Cheese.

If you are a retailer in America and would like to carry l'Amuse cheese, please email Leah Lewis, the logistics coordinator at Essex Cheese.

l`amuse Signature

Unlike most Dutch matured cheeses, l’Amuse signature Gouda is never matured in cooler temperatures. This mid temperature affinage allows the carefully selected cheeses to develop a fully rounded avor. The cheeses are matured for 2 years and are sent out at their optimum age.


Made in Brabant, a region in the southern part of Holland. Hand selected and aged at the Fromagerie l’Amuse in IJmuiden.

Wilde Weide

Made by Jan and Roos van Schie on their 300 year old island farm on the south Holland lake of Zwanburgerpolder.


An outstanding variation on gouda made by Jan Dirk in the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland. Organic, farmhouse, raw milk.


Made in Friesland in north Holland, Nylander is a rare raw-milk farmhouse organic cheese with huge avor.


Lady's Blue


Winkel Goat Gouda

Farmhouse goat gouda made in north Holland from spring and summer pastured goats. Aged in the caves of Cher, France and selected for Essex by l'Amuse.

Kobunder geit

Gerookte kaas


Boeren Sleutel Leidse

Nylander Kruidnagel